Natural Dyed Bamboo Clothing

ZIZ WEAR Organic Bamboo & Organic Cotton shirts are made locally & sustainably in Bali.

Natural Organic Bamboo fabric is soft & light making it perfect wherever you chase the sun.
Bamboo's most esteemed characteristic is its natural sustainability. It requires no fertilizers or pesticides for its cultivation. Bamboo grows rapidly and profusely without depleting the soil. Bamboo's inherent characteristics make it naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking and its anti-bacterial qualities repel odor and toxins. Best of all it feels amazing to wear again and again.


One of the most sprayed plants with harmful pesticides is commercially grown cotton. ZIZ Wear uses Organic Certified Chemical Free Cotton to help support our health and environment. Our colored shirts are hand dyed naturally with locally Eco friendly dyes made from local plants grown in Bali, including Indigo, Mango Leaves, Tropical Almond Leaves and Secang Wood.