Natural Dyed Bamboo Clothing

ZIZ Yogi Organic Bamboo Racerback Singlet


DESIGN - This Original ZIZ Design is called Yogi
This Design was Inspired by Various Traditional Tibetan Art Elements. I took inspiration from the traditional depiction of the Chakra system and visualized each Chakra with a new unique geometry reflecting the resonance of each energy center. The Yogi sits with in a Circle of Flames in front of a swirling vortex, supported on a fractal of triangles. The Yogi is balancing the Solar and Lunar Energies of Prana and Apana, as he Levitates above the 8 Chambered Tibetan Knot. The Crown Chakra bursts into a 64 Star Tetrahedron Grid as the Yogi has been able to balance the energies of his surroundings through his meditative breath.

FABRIC - The fabric is a high quality bamboo fabric. This bamboo is soft, and light making it perfect for the summer! Bamboo's inherent characteristics make it naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking without any chemical treatments. Bamboo's most esteemed characteristic is its natural sustainability. It requires no fertilizers or pesticides for its cultivation. It grows rapidly and profusely without depleting the soil and its anti-bacterial qualities repel odor and toxins.

FIT - Sizing is in Women's US.
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Natural variations to be expected as each one is hand sewn printed and dyed.
Treat fabrics with delicate care and love!