Natural Dyed Bamboo Clothing
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ZIZ Womens Sun Ra Kimono


DESIGN - This Original ZIZ design is called Sun Ra.
Inspired by the rays of light and encoded information of our life-giving Sun. 

This Kimono comes in Men's and Women's style. The difference between the two  the sleeves style, the Woman's are much Longer and Hang  and the cut of the Men's is looser than the Women's. This Listing is for the Womens style, 

FABRIC - The fabric is a Cupro.

Cupro Fabrics breath like cotton, drapes beautifully, and look and feels like silk on your skin. The black Scarf is dyed with natural Plant based Dye.

Cupro is also 100% plant-based, which means that, unlike silk, which comes from silkworms, it is vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, unlike silk again, it is machine washable, which is more eco-friendly than dry cleaning!

Another benefit of it being derived from plants is that it is biodegradable and has the potential to be easily recycled.


CARE - Best to wash with like colors in cool water, air dry, 

Treat fabrics with delicate care and love!