Natural Dyed Bamboo Clothing

Tao Muse Asymmetric Cocktail Dress


Asymmetric Cocktail Dress

Embrace your Elegance in our Finest Bamboo Cocktail Dress. Explore your world with no restrictions, while you enjoying all benefits of sensual bamboo!

☾Comes in deep black and orchid white

☾Available in S/M/L
(XS/XL available upon request)

☾Made from bamboo fabric which makes you feel amazing with these benefits:

✓ Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable & renewable resource.

✓100% biodegradable.

✓Only requires rain water.

✓ Grows 100% naturally with no pesticides or fertilizers.

✓ As a fast growing grass, only a small area is required for harvesting.

✓ Bamboo only uses 10% of the area, for the same yield of cotton.

✓ Bamboo is cut and not uprooted, meaning the root system biodegrades continuing the nourish the ecosystem.

✓ Protects from 97% of harmful UV rays.

✓ Chemical-free!

✓ Gentle and safe on sensitive skin. 

Inspired & Hand-made in Bali,
with You & Gaia at heart