Natural Dyed Bamboo Clothing

ZIZ Bali Totem Organic Bamboo Singlet


DESIGN - This Original ZIZ Design is called Bali Totem
This design was Inspired by traditional Balinese art and philosophy. An important aspect of Balinese culture Is the balance of dark and light energies, one can not exist without the other. This entire image is inside a silhouette of flames. The bottom of this design has elements of Rangda the Demon Queen. While Rangda is seen as fearsome and by many as the personification of evil, she is also nevertheless considered a protective force in certain parts of Bali, much like Kali is seen as a benevolent mother goddess in parts of India. The Mid section of this design has elements of Garuda, a large bird-like creature, or humanoid bird that appears in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Indonesia Garuda is somewhat intertwined with the concept of the phoenix. The top of the motif bursts into a mandala of Indonesian patterns flanked by two Balinese elephant guardians. In it can be seen the forms of a flower and a butterfly. Central to the top mandala and also in Garuda's mouth is the Balinese om symbol.

FABRIC - The fabric is a high quality bamboo fabric. This bamboo is soft, and light making it perfect for the summer! Bamboo's inherent characteristics make it naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking without any chemical treatments. Bamboo's most esteemed characteristic is its natural sustainability. It requires no fertilizers or pesticides for its cultivation. It grows rapidly and profusely without depleting the soil and its anti-bacterial qualities repel odor and toxins.

FIT - Sizing is Men's US.
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CARE - Best to wash with like colors in cool water, air dry, or tumble dry on low heat.

Natural variations to be expected as each one is hand sewn and printed.
Treat fabrics with delicate care and love!